Misc Unix Tasks

Generic / Unsorted
Disks / Images
      mkdir /root/initrd
      dd if=/dev/zero of=initrd.img bs=1k count=1024 [count= 40960 for 40 MB]
      mke2fs -i 1024 -b 1024 -m 5 -F -v initrd.img
      mount initrd.img /root/initrd -t ext2 -o loop
      cd initrd
      [create the files]
      cd ..
      umount /root/initrd
      gzip -c -9 initrd.img > initrdgz.img----
Network / Security Tools
      -N --timestamping -- won't download sm file twice.
      -r --recursive Recursive web-suck.
      -l level, default 5.
      -m --mirror sets recursion and time-stamping
      -P prefix the directory to save stuff to.
      --no-parent don't ascend to parent dir.
      -k --convert-links non-relative to relative (locally)
      wget --http-user username --http-passwd passwd http://technet.oracle.com/
      -p preserve mod time, access time, modes
      -B batch mode
      -r recursively copy directories

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