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3GWT is an organization of talented individuals who collaborate on cutting-edge projects in software, database, and interface design. Our organization creates flexible technical solutions to widespread problems, using the most effective technologies available. The members of 3GWT have performed services for organizations such as the World Bank, Harvard and Boston University, Compaq, and Alcoa, among many others. tours Cusco. Book tours and activities.

We are skilled in the use of most major web languages and platforms, including PHP, ASP, ActiveX/COM, Java, Tcl, Python, Javascript, IIS, Apache, and AOLServer. We have extensive experience in developing and optimizing databases, and are fully capable of architecting complex database systems in MySQL, PostGres, Oracle, and SQL Server. Our talented graphic designers are up-to-date on the most current media technologies, including Flash and DHTML. We have worked for large, well-established organizations and small, aggressive start-ups.

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3GWT has extensive experience with both proprietary and open-source solutions. Our members have administered a number of well-used open source projects. We are familiar with the benefits and disadvantages of each variety of software, and can help you decide which best suits your needs and resources.

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