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Below are some of the standard development services we offer.

Basic site creation:

  • Static pages, forms, and simple graphics
  • Extra: Flash highlights; search engine registration

Informational enhancement:
  • Search engine indexing and Google rank optimization
  • Reorganization of a growing site, with graphical redesign
  • Creation of an appropriate splash page, ad campaign
  • Technical promotion: search engine penetration, banner/portal ads
  • Extra: Full graphical layout templating, logo redesign
Interactive development:
  • Full graphical layout (themed navigation, intro, animated banners)
  • Database design, context-specific layout, basic content administration
  • Dynamic content integration. Site enhancement with up-to-the-minute
    data and reports
  • Extra: Integration with existing database, performance tuning
Database development:
  • Creation of interfaces, processes to gather and summarize data
  • Incorporation of dynamically-generated forms & interfaces into
    existing pages; secure administrative access
  • Separation of information into highly granular levels of privacy
  • Customized content management for existing pageflow and workflow
  • Database optimization; performance tuning
  • Extra: Migration of legacy data; merging of multiple datasets
Ecommerce development:
  • Commercial site development (catalogue, subscription, or multistep commerce)
  • Provision of web-based merchant accounts (more information here)
Other Services:
  • Hardware and software inventory tracking:
    IT departments that find themselves troubled by inconsistent and poorly-organized inventory data, or that spend too much time each week maintaining their inventories, will appreciate this service (and may opt to license the inventory software it runs on)
  • Print and video design to complement your site